Over-reliance on the mainstream media (i.e., AP, Fox, CNBC) has been known to lead to a jaundiced outlook on life. It’s no wonder that so many resort to “alternative” news. However, most financial media that comes up on the major search engines and news aggregators is bot generated crap (or just plain crap). One common response has therefore been to shift away from aggregation towards curation. Curated content is third-party content which meets a standard of editorial bona fides. For example, my Read List is a curated collection of things that I believe are worth sharing, sprinkled with a touch of commentary. But generally speaking, even curation has led to a lot of recycled, unoriginal content. How many news stories does it take to cover one news story? Sheesh…

My news and blogs feeds are intended to circumvent some of these problems by providing a better rss feed: content syndication from a curated collection of high-quality, primary sources. I, personally, find that this set of tools greatly expedites my research efforts.

Feeds – Rather than spending hours every day perusing various sites for relevant updates, why not consolidate the best and most original primary source information on a single feed?

  • Energy News Feed – This is an aggregation of the latest headlines from a collection of energy and natural resource focused websites.
  • Oil and Gas Industry Blog Feed – This is an energy and natural resource focused feed which aggregates content from several thought leaders on the petroleum industry… some of whom are investors, others are business people, but most are distinguished by unique worldviews.
  • Energy Economics Blog Feed – This feed aggregates content on the science and economics of energy and natural resources. Included are the perspectives of autodidacts, scientists, environmentalists, and general enthusiasts. You will find a great disparity of opinions here. I deliberately include many perspectives which are opposing my own — I censure no one provided that research is kept professional, empirical, and consistent.
  • Investing Blog Feed – This feed re-syndicates recent articles from some of the best investing blogs and sites. These sites tend to produce actionable insights with a focus on company-specific financials and value drivers.
  • Quant Feed –  Features the blogs of several well-reputed experts on quantitative and factor-based investing.
  • Business and Economics Blog Feed – These blogs and sites are selected for their updated and unique views on business and economic conditions. The focus of these tends to be macro or methodological — i.e., interesting and useful over the long-run, but perhaps not immediately “invest-able”).
  • FinTech Blog Feed – A blog feed devoted to financial technology providers.

Investor Resources – There are vast resources on the web — good, bad, and indifferent. I’ve spent a fair amount of effort trying to figure out where all the good stuff is. I sincerely hope that efforts to catalog my foibles will have ultimately brought some good to the world.

  • Best of: Energy Investor Resources – This content is really meant to supplement the blog feeds linked above. Even for something as specific as integrated oil and gas, the media space is awfully crowded.
  • Best of: General Investor Resources – This content was originally intended for a “Best of” article on the tools and resources available for online financial research. That ended up being too ambitious. It is now living repository of categorized “stuff”.

Feedback – If you feel I’ve committed serious errors of omission or you otherwise have suggestions for improving these resources, please reach out! I’d love to hear from you.