My Feeds are “curated content” are intended to consolidated some of better news and editorial sources on a range of topics. Rather than spending hours every day perusing various sites for relevant updates, why not consolidate the best and most original primary source information on a single feed?  I, personally, find that this set of tools greatly expedites my research efforts.

  • Investing Blog Feed – This feed re-syndicates recent articles from some of the best investing blogs and sites. These sites tend to produce actionable insights with a focus on company-specific financials and value drivers.
  • Quant Investing Feed –  Features the blogs of several well-reputed experts on quantitative and factor-based investing.
  • Business and Economics Blog Feed – These blogs and sites are selected for their updated and unique views on business and economic conditions. The focus of these tends to be macro or methodological — i.e., interesting and useful over the long-run, but perhaps not immediately “invest-able”).
  • FinTech Blog Feed – A blog feed devoted to financial technology providers.