About me:

My name is David. I am a writer and amateur investor. I am enthusiastically interested in quantitative investing, value investing, and natural resource management. Although I tend to analyze stocks of commodity-based energy and natural resources producers, I have been known to stray from that theme quite a bit. I am currently employed by the US Government, but I someday would like to become a full time investor. In addition to maintaining this blog, I casually write articles on Seeking Alpha which are not featured here.

I got the idea for the site’s name from a Rush song, “Tom Sawyer”. This song is about a person who is also an ideal, or “today’s Tom Sawyer”. The lyrics go:

The world is, the world is,
Love and life are deep,
Maybe as his eyes are wide.

These lyrics symbolize to me a realization that existence is real and finite. A finite existence is one which humans can, indeed, begin to understand without the aid of superstition. It’s just complicated.

I maintain this blog because I subscribe to the idea that writing well is conducive to investing well. To elaborate, writing an investment thesis which is internally consistent, logically structured, concise, and critical is conducive to acting in a manner consistent with that thesis. Although I do not currently plan to expand the offerings on this blog, I am open to suggestions and ideas.

For questions or feedback, please reach out…