About me:

I am a writer and amateur investor. I am enthusiastically interested in quantitative investing, value investing, and natural resource management. Although I specialize in analyzing and investing in equities of natural resource producers, I have am not tied to that niche. In addition to maintaining this blog, I write articles on Seeking Alpha.

I got the idea for the site’s name from a Rush song, “Tom Sawyer”. This song is about a person who is also an ideal, or “today’s Tom Sawyer”. The lyrics go:

The world is, the world is,
Love and life are deep,
Maybe as his eyes are wide.

These lyrics resonate with me as a wide-eyed proclamation that existence is real and finite. Even so, understanding this reality can be pretty problematic.

…sort of like investing.

I maintain this blog because I subscribe to the idea that writing well is conducive to investing well. I.e., an investment thesis which is internally consistent, logically structured, concise, and critical is conducive to acting in a manner consistent with that thesis.

For questions or feedback, please reach out…